Can any tell me how to get pico to recognize these keys. So far I have not been
able to figure out how / pico this is possible using bindkey. My last attempt:

cat .cshrc
bindkey "\e[1~" beginning-of-line  # Home
bindkey "\e[4~" end-of-line        # End

Every other app works and the defaults seem okay:

bindkey | tail -3
right          -> forward-char
home           -> beginning-of-line
end            -> end-of-line

so it seems that pico has other ideas on where its gets its key definitions
(please God not termcap).

Thanks for any help.

Douglas Denault

I'm guessing I can't be much help here; dunno much re: terminals. However, I have noted that nano recognized some stuff better than pico via whatever terminal was the PuTTY default. I dunno if that's going to help if you're in CLI, or some Xterm, but it converted me. Besides, nano is just a more modern pico anyway....

I've even got "alias pico nano" in my .cshrc..... :-)

Hopefully, someone with more experience/knowledge
re: terminals can get you the real help you need.


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