I've given this another try and got much further albeit w/o visible success. Here are my notes interleaved in your instructions.

At 09:53 PM 12/3/2003, Steve Bertrand wrote:

assume the following:

- your domain name is example.com

Newbie that I am not certain that my understanding of this is correct. My /etc/rc.conf file has


so this is my fqdn, right? And my domain name is face2interface.domain? That's the way I set up things.

- the IP of your mail server is

The ip adr of my fbsd box, i.e. the one being configured to act as the mail server for my lan is

- your default gateway for your network is

Yes, I think. That's the ip adr for my workstation, the box that has the dial up connection w/ windows ics enabled.

- your ip of your client computer is

I'm going to use my workstation as the client computer, i.e. to do testing.

- your mail server name is mail.example.com

If my other assumptions are right then this is mail.face2interface.domain - but maybe there is something more to this and I'm ignorant???

- your client computer name is client.example.com


- your mail server will back as a qpopper and DNS server for the network

Meaning my lan, the local network right?

10> Configure your client machine to check email
11> Check && send email

Steve, I get a "Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 550 Host unknown" when trying to send an email from the server to the client, i.e. from SwamiSalami.face2interface.domain to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and an error on delliver 'Resolving address for "mail.face2interface.domain"' when trying to send an email from the client to the server (It goes through the server either way so the server is a client in this test, right?). Although I can ping both boxes from delliver (the client) I can't ping swamisalami from itself, can ping delliver from swamisalami.

On the bright side, everything that worked before still works afaik. So how do I start debugging from here?

BTW, the only issue I had with the instructions were where one of the kill -HUP `cat....` cmds didn't work as is because the cat pid output wasn't right w/o somehow parsing first.

If you receive email for this user into the account, then thank god

And here I'd thought that email was technology rather than religion.

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