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> However, ls does have to lookup how to display the color.  The 'xterm'
> terminal name in 4.x does not have color, so you have to tell xterm use
> 'xterm-color', which does have it.  This amounts to doing something
> like "xterm -tn xterm-color".  (I've been using 5.1 lately, so if this was
> MFC'd recently I wouldn't really know)

The xterm terminal type is now identical to xterm-color and has been
since April, including on the RELENG_4 branch.

If you're running 4.8-STABLE or one of the releases from before that
date, you can use this setting in your .Xdefaults to change the
terminal type to xterm-color by default:

    xterm*termName:         xterm-color

but you should make sure that you run something like:

    [ -f ${HOME}/.Xdefaults ] && /usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb -merge ${HOME}/.Xdefaults

in your ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc



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