I've been trying to setup a dual boot Linux/FreeBSD system so I can
tryout freebsd and compare it to linux, my current main os.  I had the
freebsd easyboot bootloader installed, but I couldn't get it to boot
linux so I reinstalled GRUB as lilo doesn't even load properly on my
system.  I can now boot into linux and use the freebsd install disk to
boot into freebsd.

I've tried to get grub to boot freebsd directly, but it's not working.
I've had it chainloader the first sector of the slice with freebsd on it
and chainload /boot/boot1 directly, both just print a - in the upper
left corner and stop, like it loaded boot1 successfully but boot1
couldn't find boot2.  Chainloading /boot/boot0 does a similar result,
with that boot loader.  Using grub to try and load /boot/loader and
/kernel with the kernel command doesn't do much either.

Any suggestions.

Also, in my short experience with freebsd, it seems relatively fast, but
when there is massive i/o in the background, like untarring a massive
tarball, the system becomes rather unresponsive with certain things, is
something misconfigured on my system?  Harddrive dma is turned on
according to sysctl.  On linux there is also an option to unmask irqs
while handling a disk interrupt, is there a similar option in freebsd
and will it help?

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