This setup appears a little confusing. Does your ISP give you a static or dynamic IP address to the internet? It would also help to see the interface configuration info in your rc.conf file.

generally speaking, your external interface should have the ip address assigned by your isp, not a private network address like you describe. You should also have a valid address to a dns server, rather than being referred to your dsl modem's private ip address.

#my rc.conf (cable modem, with ip dynamically assigned - I'm using as my private network range)
network_interfaces="fxp0 dc0 lo0"
ifconfig_dc0="inet netmask"

If this doesn't help, send more info

On Dec 8, 2003, at 12:22 PM, joshua lokken wrote:


Running 4.9-stable. Here is a brief overview of the network I'm setting up.

DSL modem (, netmask, assigned by ISP)
FreeBSD gateway external (, netmask, assigned by ISP)
FreeBSD gateway internal (, netmask
LAN (clients, 10.0.0.x, netmask

LAN clients can access boh gateway interfaces by hostname and IP. Clients are
setup to use for DNS, and uses for DNS.
I cannot get any traffic to reach (let alone pass) the DSL modem from the clients.

I have tried this with the FreeBSD gateway, a Win2k gateway, and Linksys router.
Under any setup, the result is the same. My ISP's support desk has been
absolutely no help. Can anyone tell what the problem may be here? Thanks in
advance for any help.

-- Best Regards,

Joshua Lokken

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