On Dec 8, 2003, at 5:09 PM, Sean Page wrote:
When I try to scp a file from said machine, it shows the first line of the
fortune (the one you see if you, say, log into a shell on the machine) on
the client end and then it quits. No error is reported in /var/log/messages
or auth.log and no file is transferred.

scp requires a "clean login", and that message might be causing the SSH protocol used by scp to break. In particular, something like: "ssh _machine_ true" should run /bin/true and return without generating any additional output.

Depending on the shell you use, wrapping the invocation of fortune in something like:

  if ($?prompt) then
    # interactive CSH commands...


  case $- in *i*)
        # interactive SH commands.

...should resolve this issue.


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