On Tuesday 09 December 2003 02:51, homeyra g wrote:
> So, I hope this is the right address for this type of
> question. If not would you please forward this and/or
> let me know the correct address.
> Thanks,
> Here is the question: How to truncate a file from the
> begining to a certain point in the file?

Have a look at sed. Sorry can't help with syntax and I'm sure one can also do 
the same with perl or awk or whatever. But for the first, man (1) sed will 
help with 'cat yourfile | sed -youroptions' e.g.

You can also use vi (if it's a regular textfile with less than hundreds of 
megs), find your endpoint with e.g "/YourEndKeyWord" and do in instruction 
mode a "dG", after that save.


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