On my laptop, on which I have been running FreeBSD 5/CURRENT for quite a 
while, I have always had the problem that even though soft updates is 
enabled, and UFS2 is used on the partition (I only have one - the root 
partition), I still need to wait for a full fsck when booting after a 

"mount" clearly states soft updates are enabled; though from the beginning it 
was disabled due to a blunder of mine during initial installation.

dumpfs reports that UFS2 is indeed the fs used

The default value of background_fsck is YES in /etc/defaults/rc.conf, and it 
is not overridden in /etc/rc.conf.

My kernel is compiled with soft updates support.

I am currently running 5.2-BETA, though I have had this problems at least 
since 5.1-RELEASE.

During install I discarded the default partition layout and created my own. I 
was careful to choose UFS2, though I forgot about soft updates.

Is there anything else that is needed in order to get fsck-less boots?


/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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