The folowing is a fragment of my rc.firewall which must allow all
traffic in and out of my named.

ipfw add 4100 allow udp from me to any 53 keep-state
ipfw add 4200 allow udp from any to me 53
ipfw add 4300 allow udp from me 53 to any
This is a fragment from my kernel configuration:
options         IPFIREWALL              #firewall
options         IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE      #enable logging to
options         IPFIREWALL_FORWARD      #enable transparent proxy
options         IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE_LIMIT=100    #limit verbosity
options         IPDIVERT                #divert sockets
options         IPSTEALTH
options         ICMP_BANDLIM
options         DUMMYNET
options         BRIDGE
options         IPFW2
It doesn't work. What am I missing?

With best regards,
        Gregory Edigarov
profi.kharkov.ua                                        Systems Administrator
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