I have been using FreeBSD for some time now, and kind of figured out how
the ports system functions.
In order to administrate my system I am using portupgrade, which works
very well for me.

However lately I have also used Perl CPAN to install some perl modules.
When I get a list of
the packages I need to upgrade (portversion -l \<) these packages also
shows up - why?


bash-2.05b# portversion -l \<
bsdpan-URI                  <

When I try to upgrade them with portupgrade I get an error telling that
the port is held by user:

bash-2.05b# portupgrade bsdpan-URI
** The port 'net/p5-URI' is held by user.
--->  Skipping 'net/p5-URI' (specify -f to force)

Could anyone tell me whats going on?

Best regards,

Michael Birkmose
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