You must check if all components in the x335 are supported by
FreeBSD5.1, specifically all the controllers, e.g. scsi and nic.
Unfortunately the specs from IBM do not tell which chips are used,
but as You seem to work for IBM I guess You will be able to get
more in detail information.

See ``'' for list of supported hardware.

Out of the box, the IDE (ATA) support with FreeBSD is outstanding
(i.e. much better than Linux and Windows).  And the driver support
for scsi and nic is at least as good as with Linux.  So if I had
to guess, I'd just say the x335 will work with FreeBSD 5.1.

Again.  As You seem to work with IBM, just get a x335 and a FreeBSD
Installation CD, and try it.

-- Robert S.
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