On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 10:17:48PM -0700, Troy wrote:
> Hello,
> I found a command a few days ago that would allow a user to type in the 
> command + time in minutes then it would allow a person to continue to 
> work, when the time was up it would let you know and that was it.  Can 
> someone please refresh my memory as to what that command might've been? 
csh built-in 'sched' command perhaps?:

       sched -n (+)
               The first form prints  the  scheduled-event  list.   The  sched
               shell  variable  may  be  set to define the format in which the
               scheduled-event list is printed.  The second form adds  command
               to the scheduled-event list.  For example,

                   > sched 11:00 echo It\'s eleven o\'clock.

see the manpage for tcsh(1) for more details if so.

Jez Hancock
 - System Administrator / PHP Developer

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