> Dear 
> I would like to down load the free bsd,I all ready tryd on the url :free =
> bsd
> org but I am unable to down load it, since the down load source is FTP   =
> and
> I don't know how to down load an FTP file !! So please could you suggest =
> me
> how /where can I down load the free bsd in a simple manner =0D

Most browsers will download ftp files for you if you click on them.

just run cmd on your MS-Win system and then
do            ftp ftp.freebsd.org
login as  anonymous   with a password of your email address
cd to the right directory (down a ways)  
  NOTE: Case is significant in these names.
     cd pub
     cd FreeBSD
     cd releases
     cd i386
     cd ISO-IMAGES
     cd 4.9
  You can do all this in one cd command
     cd pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/ISO-IMAGES/4.9
  but I always make typing mistakes so I do it in pieces.
set it to binary  (type binary)
retrieve the files  by typing   get XXXXXXXXXXXX.ISO   whatever the filename is
     get 4.9-i386-mini.iso
     get CHECKSUM.MD5         (Checksum on ly needed for verification)
quit out of ftp by typing  'bye'

Find some instructions for your particular machine on burning the ISO to a CD 
  NOTE: It is already an ISO so you do not have to make an ISO out
        of it.  Just burn that file to CD.
Boot it and install will begin.   Follow it through and select 
installation over the net and select a convenient (close) ftp site.

Probably you had better do some manual reading before actually trying
this stuff out though.


> Regards=0D
> Mark =0D
> Europe
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