On Dec 9, 2003, at 1:06 PM, fbsd_user wrote:
Besides the built in FTP server started by inetd,
does FBSD have any other built in FTP servers?

"locate ftpd" would answer your question, BTW, but yes: besides the stock ftpd, there is also lukemftpd and tftpd. Other good choices from the ports collection would be proftpd and pureftpd.

I ask because FBSD comes with 2 built in firewall applications.

Yep, it does.

Does the FBSD built in FTP client transmit the login ID & pw in
clear text?

Generally, yes. A Kerberized version of the FTP which uses encryption is probably also available as part of the system, but it is not likely that Kerberos is applicable to your situation.

However, using scp or sftp is another reasonable option, especially if you want users to authenticate: plain old FTP is best used for anonymous-only cases.


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