I am on a cable modem and am running an http server, natd, the Usual Suspects, and have been doing this for a couple of years. I use dhcp to get the address for my externally-facing NIC and through reboots, power outages, even changes in network ownership (@ home -> ATT -> comcast) all has been solid.

Until today. I decided over the past couple of weeks to actually get a domain instead of using no-ip.org (paulbeard.org: how imaginative) and I started using Zoneedit to manage it since I wanted DNS to be somewhere other than on my network. As luck would have, I got assigned a new IP address last night (for the first time since I used @home more than 3 years ago) and for some reason the dhcp client wouldn't get the new address. I ran dhclient and that just set my address to all 0's. I then killed it and restarted and got an address but no routes. I ended up rebooting and that solved it (I then had to fix both no-ip's config file since the old one was unparseable by version 2 clients and go to zoneedit and update my address).

So how to make dhclient do all this without the Windows workaround of rebooting?

Advice on automagically notifying zoneedit is welcome, as well but not as pressing: I think they work with dyndns and of course I chose no-ip.org.

-- Paul Beard <www.paulbeard.org/movabletype/> paulbeard [at] mac.com

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