Hi Simon Barner ,

    First thanks for your answer . Please correct me if I mis understand
something .

 1)   You mean if I want to keep source up-to-date method and use make world
process I must test it another test machine before apply it to the
production server .

 2)     You said that FreeBSD was more than a kernel . What do you mean
Could you explain little more or Do you know any documantation or whitepaper
which explain mind of the FreeBSD operating System .

3)    I red small paragraf from http://www.daemonology.net/freebsd-update/
after your advise -FreeBSD Update is a system for automatically building,
distributing, fetching, and applying binary security updates for FreeBSD.
This makes it possible to easily track the FreeBSD security branches without
the need for fetching the source tree and recompiling -
    *** it seems really  good _! Soory but if binary update make all things
easyer than soruce update mechanism Why Everybody advising source-update
instead of freebsd-update ....

Thanks .....

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