I'm currently using vinum to concatenate two large (120GB) disks,
providing a single large(r) valume (240GB in theory ;).

  At the moment the volume is about 90% full and I'm looking to add
three more 120GB disks and set up RAID5.  This is somewhat offtopic (not
entirely sure if it is FreeBSD or not) but if I were to put two 120GB
disks per channel and buy an ATA controller for my PCI bus and put
another disk (or some combination of this sort) would Vinum be able to
handle it?

  Is it even possible to have >4 IDE disks?  I know the performance
would be terrible but I have considered this and realised it is
irrelevant since the box only has a 10Mbit connection (it's for storing
large data files (videos, etc.)).

  Now for the slightly off-topic question -- does anybody know of a good
hardware RAID IDE controller than can support 5 devices in RAID5?  I'm
not sure whether such a thing exists (unless it has a primary, secondary
and tertiary??? controller) and I fear it might be beyond my price range
but I'd be interested to hear anyway.

  I know I should really be using SCSI or FC for this kind of stuff but
I can't afford to go this way and the performance isn't my bottleneck.

  Thanks very much,


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