If u want to access FreeBSD from one of the ftp mirror sites
Ftp is the best and the fastest. However u could still do it
With http. The url needs to be modified
ftp://anonymous:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:@ftp.freebsd.org
However the downloads tend to break as the files are huge.
Maybe u would have a better luck than me.

Note : in the email id do not forget to escape the '@' with
       the backslash

Note : Traversing thru symbolic links would fail.

Suggestion : use http to check what u want but download using


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Subject: free bsd !!!


I would like to down load the free bsd,I all ready tryd on the url :free
org but I am unable to down load it, since the down load source is FTP
I don't know how to down load an FTP file !! So please could you suggest
me how /where can I down load the free bsd in a simple manner




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