Hello all...
I am a relatively new FreeBSD user and I have never posted a request
for help before so I hope I am doing this right and not plugging up the
board with irrelevant and out of context questions. My apologies if I
am. Here is my problem:
I have vinum installed on my FreeBSD 5.1-Release box. Vinum starts and
runs fine, but I can't fsck any of the volumes because it says...
"fsck: Could not determine filesystem type."
If I do a fsck -T ufs /dev/vinum/??? it will work fine, but it's when I
don't explicity tell fsck what the filesystem type is that I get this
error. Everything relating to vinum seems to work fine and the
configuration is identical to the one I made at work (that works) except
that the server at work is a 5.0 box. This wouldn't be a big deal, but
when the server recycles fsck "Could not determine filesystem type" and
dumps me into single user mode so I can fsck my volumes. This is a
I wonder if I could tell fsck to use "-T ufs" in the rc.conf file, but
I feel like I am just sidestepping the issue. FSCK should be able to
detemine the filesystem type without help as far as I know, but I'm not
sure what the problem could be. Any help or suggestions would be greatly

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