To answer your question number 1.  I have done it both ways and I
have not seen any performance gain building things by hand. Time is
money, so using an pre-built port which is called an package is all
ways my first choose. If the port I want does not have package then
I use the port. Only at times when the port environment is in flux
being updated for new released of FBSD am I forced to do ports by

To answer your question number 2 & 3 in an generic way. The port
collection is currently going through an upgrade to support FBSD
version 5.2 and at times like this it is very common to have
mis-matches on the release levels of dependants required by the
primary port. FBSD only has a single port system that they try to
keep current with bleeding edge version of FBSD. Sure it would be
nice if each production release of FBSD had it's own unique port
system which is frozen once all the ports are working for that FBSD
version, but that is not going to happen, so learn to live with it
like the rest of us do.

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I now use the pre-build ports and kernel. (4.9-Release)
What performance-gain do I obtain by building my own kernel and
compiling the ports ? (the system is a PIII 500 Mhz with 512 MB ram)

Does the extra work and efforts compare to the gain ?

Installing Eclipse on my box drives me completely nuts.
The dependencies of the package requires:
the diablo jdk, apache ant ...
But during installing apache-ant it also wanted jdk 1.2.2,
which requires linux-blackdown jdk.

3 jdk's needed ? Or am I wrong ? doesn't help me.

The automatic installation procedure of eclipse got interrupted
the sun jdk package needs manual download. Did that affect my
consistency ?

Thanx in advance


(PS: Since I've subscribed for this list, I receive a lot of virus
mails. Am I the only one ?)

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