On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 17:45, jonathan wrote:
> Hi, I'm running a freebsd 4.8 data server on an intranet.
> There is many group (10 and more will come) and a lot of members (10-12 by group) 
> into them... So i'm having big trouble with the fact that 'pw' doesn't read further 
> than 1024 characters into the '/etc/group' file. 
> Is there a way to bypass that limit?
> Or a better way of managing many groups on freebsd?
> I really need to solve this... any help will be a miracle!

You might want to take a look at using ACLs (Access Control Lists)
instead of groups to manage your users. Unfortunately, ACLs appear to be
new to FreeBSD 5.x, so if this is for a production environment, you may
have to kludge your way around until 5.x is in STABLE. Unless, of
course, you're willing to run a 5.x release in a production environment,
which is usually quite doable and problem-free, but never deliberately

Charles Ulrich

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