At 17:57 10.12.2003 +0100, Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:
I have got some old and small SCSI harddisks left.
1) Can I use vinum to make them look like one big ufs slice (or
   is it more like a partition, which can be sliced)?

Its like a partition/partitions that you newfs and mount like:
    mount /dev/vinum/bigdrive /lotofdisks

2) Can I boot from such a thing, or do I need a seperate disk?

This depends which version of FreeBSD you are using. Older versions need some tricks, but there is a doc in /usr/share/doc/en/articles/vinum/ which descibes how to setup this. I am not sure, but 4.9R and/or 5.1R may be able to boot directly via vinum.

   man 4 vinum
   man 8 vinum

3) Is there some fine manual around, that could be used as a
   starting point for reading? (I had a look at at my copy of
   "The Complete FreeBSD", but I guess I wouldn't ask these
   questions, if I had understood it.)

See above, plus FreeBSD handbook


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