I am pretty sure this is a misconfigured partition problem but maybe someone there can 

installing freeBSD 4.9 onto a compaq deskpro, 4 GB IDE, 192 MB RAM, previous OS is XP 
home ed.

I dedicated a 4 GB drive to freebsd 4.9 and specified it be bootable. I also installed 
(at least
once) the boot loader.

no matter the configuration when the boot loader or the bios tries to boot freeBSD  a 
black, blank
screen appears and the system reboots. It loops like this.

no problems installing from CDrom. Only problem is after the installation. I have 
confirmed that
freeBSD files are on the hard drive and as a test I installed SUSE linux onto the same 
machine, no

any suggestions or resources to explore. i have looked over the handbooks and googled 
it to death.

thanks very much

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