I'm following the directions here:

to improve the gateway to our Exchange box, and am stuck on a particular

I just can't seem to make the Putty SCP work from my workstation.

I used Putty's window copy function to paste into vi to create the .pub
file, then used the command line:

"ssh-keygen -i -f /tmp/ >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2"

on the FreeBSD box per the instructions to convert to an openssh key,
then use the following command line to do the copy:

"pscp -2 -i exchupdate.ppk exchusers.txt [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc"

but I keep getting the following two messages on the Windows box:

"Authenticating with public key "postfix update users key"
"Fatal: Lost connection"

and the following on the FreeBSD box:

"server2 sshd[36802]: fatal: monitor_read: unsupported request:"

This, even though I've made certain to enter a edit the public key to
add a comment (using vi) into the public key on the FreeBSD box.

I've done some googling, and read some man pages, but can't seem to find
out what the heck I'm doing wrong. I've put the authorized_keys2 file
into /etc/ssh, /root/.ssh and even /root hoping that it was simply a
matter of location, but still no go.




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