>     I check the kernel file it's come to me too big . For example with
> default installation My kernel size is 5,473,370 You will say because of
> GENERIC kernel too many driver support for this reason it can be . My
> question is here ....

What's (statically) included in the GENERIC kernel, is listed in
You can compile your own custom kernel, as explained in

Don't forget to statically include every module that is needed to
locate and load the kernel though (e.g. ata drivers), because you
won't be able to kldload the initial modules without booting first.

>             c) in Linux we can create a boot disk with this boot disk if any
> problem occur on the boot we can up the system with this disket .. in
> FreeBSD with this big kernel it's not poessible I think . I want to learn
> What FreeBSD users do if FreeBSD dont open the system for any boot file
> corrupt or something ...

I use the LIVE filesystem on the FreeBSD ISOs. In combination with
/stand/sysinstall (or /usr/sbin/sysinstall), option rescue, you
can always repair a broken installation. Most of the time, the
boot loader will allow you to boot an old kernel (say /kernel.old)
if your new kernel is broken. FreeBSD's bootloader is much more
stable/reliable than LILO ;)

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