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I don't understand what this mean:

%cd /usr/ports/multimedia/dvdrip
===> dvdrip-0.50.13_1 is marked as broken: You need at least perl 5.6.0. Do
not use FreeBSD 4.x' system perl, it's outdated. Install lang/perl5 and issue
'use.perl port'

I installed perl5 ,but " issue 'use.perl port' " ?

You are supposed to install perl5 from the FreeBSD ports. Then you "issue" the command 'use.perl port' at your command prompt.

use.perl is a script that switches the perl in use by your system between the perl 5.005 that's standard with FreeBSD 4.x and perl 5.6 that is the perl5 port. Mostly it just changes the symlinks at /usr/bin/perl etc.

Note that perl 5.6.1 is quite outdated and if you want full perl support (i.e. all the latest whizz-bang perl modules to Just Work) you should consider installing perl 5.8 from source.

- nick

Nick Tonkin   {|8^)>

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