uname -a |  FreeBSD villa.fixer.com 4.8 RELEASE  FreeBSD  4.8 RELEASE #0:TUE DEC11 
20:54:12 GMT 2003  root@:/usr/src/sys/compile/VILLATV i386


I'm having a problem mounting dos files from the windows drive.  I've tried every kind 
of mount command (mount_msdos, mount, etc) and every kind of option or options.  I 
even included /mnt in the command.  Nothing works.  I am not using anything in the 
fstab file for this mount. 5 years ago, it was working perfectly on my computer.  My 
only mistake, I did not write it down in my FreeBSD note files.

The file I'm trying to mount is ad0s1 (windows 98).  FreeBSD is mounted on ad0s2.
I have read all the MOUNT man pages.  Maybe a little too complex for me.  Please tell 
me the one line command.

Bruce Meehl

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