Cordula's Web wrote:
   and in Turkey I did not hear too much people who are using FreeBSD for
this reason I want to translate this Handbook into Turkish and put it on the
web for easy access for reading and Learning . How can I do that ? From Whom
I have to get okey for this job ...

Someone already wrote a first article in Turkish:
so the tr_TR.ISO8859-9 hiearchy is in place.

You may want to contact the FreeBSD documentation project.

Get in contact with [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want to work on a translation, there may be people on that list who you can coordinate with. In any case, you probably want to subscribe to that list so you can stay up-to-date with documentation-related discissions.

More information about setting up mirrors can be found on and the associated mailing list for discussions between mirror admins is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Best of luck!

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