Currently I maintain two separate 'host' boxes:

1) -stable, nfs exporting src and obj for -stable clients
2) -current, nfs exporting src and obj for -current clients

I'd like to eliminate one of these boxes, having one box building and nfs
exporting both -stable and -current. I've been reading about jails and am
thinking that perhaps I need to setup a jail on my current box and install
-stable into it (assuming that can be done). Then I'd buildworld (-stable)
within that jail and nfs export that (out of the jail) to the -stable
clients. Is this the best method to accomplish what I'm trying to do ? Tips
are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Robin P. Blanchard
Systems Integration Specialist
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
fon: 706.542.2404 < > fax: 706.542.6546

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