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I need to update the sources of several servers in my network.
I have already made a cvsup -g -L 2 cvs-supfile on one of the
servers and placed all under /home/ncvs.

I assume that /home/ncvs is a directory that is NFS-exported to all of your machines?

Btw, you do not have to put your local copy of the CVS repository
at /home/ncvs, even though that is the directory used for the
master copy.  However, you *do* want it to be on some directory
which is "local" to each of your machines (local as far as CVS
is concerned, I mean).  NFS-mounted is fine, I believe, but you
do not want to do 'cvs remote' operations with a repository the
size of FreeBSD.

Would anyone be so kind to tell me what to do next? Can't
seem to find the concrete steps on the net.

On each machine, log into root and:

First, create a ~/.cvsrc file with at least the following
two lines in it:
  checkout -P
  update -d -P

And then you can:
  cd /usr
  rm -Rf src
  cvs -d /home/ncvs checkout -r BLAH src

where the value of 'BLAH' will depend on which release you
want to run on that system.  RELENG_4 for "stable", for
instance.  Or RELENG_4_9 for the 4.9-"security" branch.
Or RELENG_5 for the more-daring "current" branch.

Then you can 'cd /usr/src' and follow the standard
instructions for building from source.  Strictly speaking you
don't *have* to do the above as userid root, but you will have
to do the 'make installkernel' and 'make installworld' steps
as root.  You will want that ~/.cvsrc file in whatever userid
you use for checking-out or updating the src via 'cvs'.

Later on, when you want to update some system, you can just
   cd /usr/src
   cvs update

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