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> there will also be other machines with fixed IP addresses (not
> 192.168.x.x but proper IP's) on this network.

RFC 1918 addresses like *are* proper (from the point of
view of the IP stack), they are just not public and hence not globally
unique and not globally routable.

> I assume that I will configure dc0 with my fixed IP, but what do I
> do with lr0?

Configure it with one of the addresses of the other network (the one
which has "proper" addresses. Assume it is (just an example), then you could use (I myself use the
convention that the default router of a network is always the first IP
address of that network).

On Ethernet, you must use one different IP address per interface (on
point to point lines, some routers allow you to have unnumbered
interfaces, not sure that it is true for FreeBSD).

Be sure that your provider routes the above prefix ( to
you, otherwise your machines (except the router) will be able to send
but not to receive.

You can check that from http://www.traceroute.org/.

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