John Minter wrote:

Since I have reinstalled macosx (v 10.2) and upgraded to
current v 10.2.8, i no longer can reach my man pages or
many of my commands. on startup of terminal i get message
saying system cannot find manpath or grep.  I have tried to
track down the problem, but can't seem to get the system
to recognize many of my basic commands, including cp and
man, for example. Please help. I'm a newbie to UNIX, and
have been reading trying to learn it. I understand the mac's
darwin is based on BSD. Thanks and forgive me if I've intruded
on this list with an improper question.

Well, first thing, wrap your lines for the benefit of the
guyz whose MUA's like to see newlines.

If you know the path to system binaries, explicity calling
them at the prompt may help, e.g.:

#/bin/ls -l /home/mydir

If Darwin's much like BSD, you should see, when doing
"ls -l" in your homedir, several files with a dot in front of
them, (e.g. .cshrc, .profile, .login)  These files help set up
stuff like your binary search path.  Any chance they were
clobbered in your "upgrade"?

Echoing an environment variable may tell you what path
is currently set, e.g.:
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [/home/kadmin][8:32]
#echo $PATH

In BSD, manpath(1) uses the contents of the user's
search path to attempt to determine the path to
manual pages, so I'd start by fixing the search path

What shell do you use?  In csh/tcsh,
   #set PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin   (etc............)

may help.  In sh/bash, I *think* it's
   $PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin: (etc......)
   $export PATH;

HTH somewhat,

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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