I've installed FreeBSD 4.4 from the CD-ROM included in my FreeBSD Unleashed book 
(I installed 4.4 instead of 5.0 because it's supposedly more stable; 5.0 is a 
pre-release snapshot.). When I try to do the X Server configuration stuff, the server 
won't start and, consequently, X-Windows won't start. My video card is CinePak Codec 
by Radius, Inc. and my monitor is a 15" ASTVision 4i (Intel (r) 82810 graphics 
controller with 4MB memory, screen refresh rate of 60 hertz, resolution is 800x600, 
and 24 bit color quality. For the card option, CinePak doesn't show up in the list of 
potentials. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong in my attempt to configure X 
server ? By the way, I have FreeBSD installed in a primary partition on a system on 
which I also run Windows XP Professional with Boot US boot manager. I'd appreciate any 
information that you can provide. Thank you.
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