I'v got FreeBSD 4.9 installed on my laptop and all is working fine except one
thing and that is to be able to see how much my cpu is working. When i use
'top' it's all at 0% even tho i'm currently running alot of programs and doing
a make install from the ports. I'v installed wmcpuload dockapp and that one
allso allways shows 0%. Considering i'm on an old PII 300 Mhz with 64 Mb ram
one would think it should use some atleast :)

Is there anything i need to add to the kernel or sysctl to get the monitoring to start
working ?

CPU: Pentium II/Pentium II Xeon/Celeron (300.68-MHz 686-class CPU)
Origin = "GenuineIntel" Id = 0x652 Stepping = 2

With best regards

Eric Olsson

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