Hi - I've got a problem installing the JDK on FreeBSD 4.8 (see
"/usr/ports/java/jdk13 - make all dumps - any suggestions ?" previous
post for details) and as I don't know how to fix I was thinking that I
might completely uninstall all Java related stuff and start again.

So far I have obtained the Linux JDK, the sources for the JDK and the
FreeBSD patchset for the JDK and done a 'make install'. In fact I've done
a make install several times as the process fell over because certain
dependencies weren't met and so I fixed those and restarted. I've now got
to a point in the make where it just says 'illegal instruction'.

So my question is what's the best way to clean every trace of Java from
the box so I can start again and (maybe) get further this time ?


richard shea.
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