Eric Olsson wrote:
I'v got FreeBSD 4.9 installed on my laptop and all is working fine except one
thing and that is to be able to see how much my cpu is working. When i use
'top' it's all at 0% even tho i'm currently running alot of programs and doing
a make install from the ports. I'v installed wmcpuload dockapp and that one
allso allways shows 0%. Considering i'm on an old PII 300 Mhz with 64 Mb ram
one would think it should use some atleast :)

It could mean that your kernel and user world got out of sync due to an incomplete upgrade procedure, so 'top' does no longer understand the data it gets from the kernel, or it could be an indicator that the stat clock isn't working.

The stat clock is driven by the Real Time Clock (RTC) chip on the mainboard, which could be either broken or incompatible with the kernel driver. Does 'systat -v 1' complain that the stat clock died? We had this problem once when a lead of the tiny RTC quartz came loose (due to bad soldering) and the chip stopped working.

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