Hi there,

     I had a question regarding Dump/Restore.  I just had to reinstall FreeBSD 
completely because of a problem, and now I wanted to RESTORE just the filesystem 
'/usr/home'.  Well, I went into '/usr/home', then tried "restore -rf /dev/sa0" to 
restore it.  When it's done all there is is the "/" filesystem.

     I know when I did a dump of four filesystems /usr/home was the very last 
filesystem I dumped so I know it had to be on the tape.  I used the "n" for the device 
file 'sa0' so the tape would remain where it is after dumping each filesystem, as 
opposed to rewinding and the overwriting any previous dump.  

     I know there has to be more filesystems on the tape besides "/" because when I 
did a "mt -f /dev/sa0 fsf 3" to skip three filesystems forward to the "/usr/home" 
filesystem, I didn't get any errors looking for it.  So I know it has to be on the 

     Can you offer any suggestions, help, or what have you??  I'm really stumped by 
this and I'm panicking because I may've lost all my valuable data.  I'm using a SCSI 
tape drive to backup data.  Thanks for your time! :)
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