> goal is to be able to restrict login times and duration.

1. First of all, /etc/login.conf doesn't apply for ssh logins.
   Only the login(1) program reads this. Not sshd or other

2. As far as I can remember, you _can_ restrict the time of
   day for logins by setting times.allow and times.deny
   Last time I checked (some 6 months or so ago), it worked.

3. AFAIK, you can't enforce the duration of the login.
   login.conf(5) says:

 Note that login(1) enforces only that the actual login falls within peri-
 ods allowed by these entries.  Further enforcement over the life of a
 session requires a separate daemon to monitor transitions from an allowed
 period to a non-allowed one.

4. To enforce time-of-day logins in a more general way
   (a.k.a for sshd, telnetd, ftpd, etc...), you need a
   PAM module. Which one or where, I don't know.

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