On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 12:50:55PM -0500, Phil Murphy wrote:
> I've been trying to test out some features in /etc/login.conf. I
> created a user "test", in a login class "kids". I edited
> /etc/login.conf to include:
> kids:\
> :daytime=10:\
> :tc=default:
> I ran cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf, and tried logging in as "test". I
> assumed that the user would be logged off in 10 seconds, but this did
> not happen. I added:
> :sessiontime=10:
> and reran cap_mkdb. Still no effect. I reran cap_mkdb -v
> /etc/login.conf and received a confirmation message. I have read, and
> reread the manpages, googled, searched freebsd.org, bsdforums.org,
> etc., and have found that others are experiencing the same problem. I
> have not found any solution yet. Is there something I am missing? My
> goal is to be able to restrict login times and duration.
login caps for duration didn't work as advertised last time I checked,
idled from the ports can help with this.

Jez Hancock
 - System Administrator / PHP Developer

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