On Sun, 14 Dec 2003 03:04, michaela wrote:
> Hi there,
>      I had a question regarding Dump/Restore.  I just had to reinstall
> FreeBSD completely because of a problem, and now I wanted to RESTORE just
> the filesystem '/usr/home'.  Well, I went into '/usr/home', then tried
> "restore -rf /dev/sa0" to restore it.  When it's done all there is is the
> "/" filesystem.
>      I know when I did a dump of four filesystems /usr/home was the very
> last filesystem I dumped so I know it had to be on the tape.  I used the
> "n" for the device file 'sa0' so the tape would remain where it is after
> dumping each filesystem, as opposed to rewinding and the overwriting any
> previous dump.

Sounds as though you have restored from the first file on tape. The dumps are
not identified on tape so whatever dump file is found is restored to the 
current location.

>      I know there has to be more filesystems on the tape besides "/"
> because when I did a "mt -f /dev/sa0 fsf 3" to skip three filesystems
> forward to the "/usr/home" filesystem, I didn't get any errors looking for
> it.  So I know it has to be on the tape.

I take it that you issued the command:
   mt -f /dev/sa0 fsf 3
prior to attempting to restore. You might try instead:
   mt -f /dev/nsa0 fsf 3


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