I have a problem whereby the nvidia drivers cause my system to
hang/reboot a few seconds after startx. I have discovered that
disabling the SMP/apic lines in the kernel fixes the problem. This
occurs on 5.2-CURRENT and 4.9-RELEASE.

I first noticed this problem after a motherboard swap. The old
motherboard was a Tyan Tiger MP and it was running 5.1-CURRENT at the
time and nvidia drivers were working fine with SMP kernel. The
motherboard died so I replaced it with a MSI K7D Master-L (MPX
chipset). After that the nvidia drivers stopped working if SMP kernel

I have tried NO_MIXED_MODE, disabling acpi and a lot of other BIOS
options but no luck. I don't know if this is an nvidia driver issue or
a problem with this particular motherboard/chipset. Any help
appreciated. Thanks.

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