I'm not sure if I'm brave or just stupid, but I have running my
complex freeBSD for several years now, every week something is tuned,
installed or tweaked, however, I'm not very good on computers! :-\ My

I have seven disks in my cabinett, three of them builds a vinum RAID-5

One of the disks in the RAID is down according to "vinum list".

I could use some honts on how to determine which physical disk is
named what in my system, is there a good path to follow by disconnect
one, write down whats left and then re-connect it and connect another

WHich command is best to use to get a list of all connected disks? I
use "ls /dev/" by now.

Also if there is something else I should consider in this case, please
don't hesitate to correct and guide me.

Thanks in advance,


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