In the last episode (Dec 14), Joachim Dagerot said:
> I have seven disks in my cabinett, three of them builds a vinum
> RAID-5 plex.
> One of the disks in the RAID is down according to "vinum list".
> I could use some honts on how to determine which physical disk is
> named what in my system, is there a good path to follow by disconnect
> one, write down whats left and then re-connect it and connect another
> one?

"Vunum ld" will list the disks and their status.  If you're not sure
which physical disk is "da1", you'll probably have to look at the
jumper settings on each drive.  Another option is to run something like
"camcontrol stop da1; camcontrol start da1" or "dd if=/dev/da1
of=/dev/null", and see which disk's activity LED lights up. has some instructions
on swapping out a failed drive.

        Dan Nelson
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