I am securing a machine for my new job, and I need to obviously, find and
eliminate all suid programs. This should not be too difficult on a
developer only install, and hitting a man page should be the most
difficult task of finding out how to find and -s these programs. (Hell if
you want to save me that too, I wont complain.) My problem is, I know
there are programs that *need* to be suid, and I dont want to break the
system. I got a few, like passwd, but if someone here could write the ones
they know as well, so I dont overlook them and find them for the next two
months, it would be nifty keen of them, and it would make me feel all warm
inside, what, with it being christmas and all. Also, what's good software
to use for bandwidth limitation of the users on your FreeBSD server(s)?

Very lastly, I mirror this list for my website, but I am not on the list.
Please email me directly. Thanks.

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