Chris -

Thank you very much.  I'll just modify "" to use gshred
instead of shred.

Thanks again,


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> Chris -
> It doesn't look like they do quite what I'd like.  Here's the man page
> for shred (  Shred is
> used in a shell script called Autoclave
> ( to securely wipe a
> hard drive before getting rid of it.  I've attached the ""
> script (as long as attachments are allowed, ask me for it if you don't
> get the attachment).
> Ben


My bad!  Shred *does* indeed exist on FreeBSD; it's part of


and it's installed as 'gshred' (because all the fileutils are prefixed
with a 'g' to avoid collisions with BSD versions of the same tools.)

You should be able to install the fileutils port, create a symbolic link
from 'shred' to 'gshred', and run the autoclave script.

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