I have a three disk IDE RAID-5 system using vinum. I do not have the
root or the system disks there, but I do (did) have the /HOME on the

Now one disk has broken down and I'm trying to replace it. However
there is some problem when I'm booting: "init: /bin/sh on /etc/rc
terminated abnormally, going to single user mode" I'm not really sure
what this single user mode is, but I can't write to the /tmp/ disk for
some reason. Is this normal behaviour?

During boot vinum reports the following:

vinum: loaded
vinum: reading configuration from /dev/ad1s1e
vinum: updating configuration from /dev/ad4s1e
vinum: incompatible sector sizes. raid.p0.s2 has 0 bytes, raid.p0 has
512 bytes. Ignored.

The broken disk is /dev/ad5 and it's not completely replaced yet. I do
have a bad feeling that both ad5 AND ad4 is broken, but I certainly
hope this isn't the case. I'm using RAID instead of a backup system.

All help here is much appreciated, I have pictures from my sons first
year on this RAID volume...

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