I am trying to install FreeBSD (have tried 4.9, and the 5.1 ISO's)  It
hangs at:
Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle

My hardware:
Intel NA440BX MB, 512MB ram, dual PIII 350 processors
Mylex Acceleraid 250(DAC960)
Latest bios/firmware downloaded and installed on both MB and Raid card last

ISO's downloaded last week as well.  

I know the raid card works, I had netware installed on the machine prior to
moving it to new hardware.

If there was an option to install unlisted drivers at the initial setup
screen, where I am suppose to remove drivers that do not apply, then I might
be able to continue on and get this installed.  I selected FreeBSD because
it seemed to be abit more up to date with releases of other software we
would be running (Sendmail 8.12.10, etc)

Any suggestions where to begin troubleshooting the install?  I did download
the latest drivers for the card as well, but all the install instructions
I've found assume there is already a working FreeBSD system, which I do not

(FWIW, Redhat 9 also is failing to install, it locks up loading its DAC960
driver -never even gets to any sort of config)

Thank you,

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