This is gonna sound crazy, but: I got my FreeBSD box up and running and decided to add a user account for myself (avoid the perils of working as root?) I added a named account 'rchopra' and everything was honky-dorey.

The following series of events occured and have left me confused and unable to use or re-add the 'rchopra' account:

1) I manually added myself to the 'wheel' account, in order to allow 'su' to root. Rather than using 'pw', I was under the impression just editing the entry in '/etc/group' would work; my entry looked like this:


Was my thinking here correct? If not, can someone please point out my mistake?

2) This action seemed to cause a problem; I attempted to login and su, and I was not able to login successfully (my password would not work). I attempted to run 'id rchopra' at the command prompt, which returns an error:

# id rchopra
'id: rchopra: no such user'

Strangely enough, the '/home/rchopra' directory still exists.

3) OK, no problem right? Just run 'adduser' and create the account again... Unfortunately, after entering all the information for the user account 'rchopra' the system says:

pw: user 'rchopra' already exists
adduser: ERROR: There was an error adding user (rchopra)

This happens if I add 'rchopra' to the 'wheel' group or the 'users' group (my only user-defined group so far.)

So what gives? While I am curious and would like to know what went wrong (any illucidation as to what may have caused the error is of course appreciated), I would (more importantly) like to get my system consistent to the point of being able to add an 'rchopra' user account. What steps can I take to remove the (false?) rchopra entry or, alternatively, re-active the (working?) rchopra account?

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