On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 01:38:21PM -0800, Chris wrote:
> You know, it never occured to me that there were individual 
> Apache modules in the ports. Thanks Josh! Doesn't look like 
> it would help in this case, though, as the mod_php port is
> for Apache 1.3, and I need 2.0.
I believe you can force the mod_php4 port to install for apache2 using
'WITH_APACHE2'.  Having said this though last time I looked the mod_php4
port automatically detects what version of apache you're running so you
don't even need to use WITH_APACHE2.

Here it is - in /usr/ports/lang/php4/Makefile (which the mod_php4 make
process uses):

.if exists(${LOCALBASE}/include/apache2/apr.h)

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