MS> There's actually a very simple process to use to upgrade, providing you
MS> have a broadband connection:

MS> 1) cvsup your sources to the newer sources.  For more information read
MS> about cvsup or checkout the handbook!
MS> 2) once you have new sources, cd to /usr/src and type make world; this
MS> could take an hour or more
MS> 3) if this completes OK, cd to /usr/src/sys/i386/conf (on 386-based
MS> processor systems) and type:
MS>     # config GENERIC (or whatever your kernel config file is)
MS> 4) type:
MS>     # cd ../../compile/GENERIC (or name of kernel config file)
MS>     # make; make depend; make install
MS> 5) if this completes OK, type:
MS>     # shutdown -r now
MS> 6) once rebooted, login, and check uname -a.  You will see stats for a
MS> 4.9-x kernel!

at step 4, you should do: make depend && make && make install

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